TBS109 Real Tradie Story: Bec from The Plumbette

In an industry of stereotypes one woman has made a mark. You’d think the daughter of a plumber would want to do anything but plumbing when she was old enough. That’s exactly what Bec from The Plumbette did though, join her father in their family plumbing business!

As well as being a lady tradie, Bec had an eye for marketing and business so she helped her dad improve their already solid business.

Unfortunately, Bec was faced with a tough decision recently and we chat to her about how she handled this big shift, what she’s up to now and why blogging is one of the top strategies for any trade business.

TBS085 Why Tradies Should Be Using Instagram with Kym from KOG Marketing

Social media can be a bit overwhelming but as a Tradie it’s a powerful tool to help you grow your brand, your connection with customers and naturally your business.

Most of us are fairly active on Facebook but many of us are yet to really harness the power of Instagram.

In case you didn’t know, Facebook actually owns Instagram so you could be forgiven for thinking there’s not much point being on both platforms.

In reality, Facebook is becoming quite crowded with businesses and their associated marketing so it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ‘be heard’. Instagram, on the other hand, is still largely untapped by mainstream businesses and can be used very effectively to build a presence and share your ‘stuff’ with followers and customers. As it’s more of a visual medium than Facebook has become (some describe it as Facebook for pictures) Instagram really does lend itself to things like before and after shots, inspiring projects, design ideas, pics of your team members (or you!) and so much more. You can really showcase your business and by using hashtags (#) people can find your images based on a simple search.

TBS082 Should You Sponsor The Local Footy Club

Seems like a simple answer – “yes”.  Wazza doesn’t agree and shares the reasons why as well as some rules you can apply to all your marketing, whether it’s the local footy club, the coasters at the surf club or your phone book listing! We’re not saying don’t sponsor the … Read More

TBS072 From Fixing TVs To A Worldwide Patent with Joy Leishman from Ozilite

You’d think that if you had built an entire business on the back of fixing TV’s in prisons that you’d pretty much have a job for life! Well, after many years of just that, Joy Leishman and her husband were feeling a bit jaded with the whole industry and, while sitting at their kitchen table one night, talked about what their ideal business would actually look like.

Fast forward some 18 years and the Leishman family now hold the enviable world wide patent for the ‘Ozilite’ flameless cigarette lighter. With orders coming from almost every country on the globe, Joy talks about how they went from climbing ladders in maximum security prisons to install antennas to now manufacturing and shipping their innovative product right around the world…often without ever talking to their customers!

TBS071 Hire A Hubby Founder Brendan Green Talks Technology, Time Management And Balance

What do you do when you want to start a franchise but don’t like mowing lawns? You start Hire A Hubby of course. Brendan Green knew he wanted to build a franchise that serviced homeowners around Australia (and overseas) but didn’t think mowing lawns was the way to go. So after some research and observing a gap in the market for general, odd-job type services for Aussie homeowners, Brendan founded Hire A Hubby almost 18 years ago.

Today, Hire A Hubby is one of Australia’s top franchises and has hundreds of ‘hubbies’ around the country, as well as New Zealand and soon the UK as well.

Brendan has learned a thing or two about business, trades and customer service over the years and he shares his lessons and tips for success in today’s episode.

So whether you want to grow an international franchise or simply be the best in your backyard, check out Brendan’s insights on:

using technology
the simple things that (almost) guarantee success
the importance of balance and taking time out
almost losing everything and how to turn a negative into a positive

TBS070 Tradies Hot Seat with James Tarbuck from Paintway

In this episode we strap another tradie into the Tradies Business Show hot seat!  This time it’s James Tarbuck from Paintway – a family owned painting business in the busy regional city of Toowoomba, Queensland. James gets a grilling on issues in his business like quoting, goal setting, his personal … Read More

TBS066 Real Tradie Stories with Steve Hatchman from Aspect Cabinetmakers On Hiring and Firing, Outsourcing and Recovering From A Car Crash

For many of us, having a serious car accident and not being able to work in our chosen trade again would be pretty tough to come back from.

But for Steve Hatchman from Aspect Cabinetmakers, this gave him even more motivation to broaden his skillset and, of all things, start his own cabinet making business! Not only that, Steve has gone on to create a million dollar business with more than 10 staff and providing cabinetry to some of SE Queensland’s largest builders as well as retail and commercial customers… all at the ripe old age of 29!

Listen in as Steve shares some of his big learnings throughout his journey as well as his tips for:

overcoming the fear of growing
hiring and firing staff
finding the time to enjoy life while still succeeding in business and
how to keep a positive frame of mind when things get tough

TBS064 How To Avoid Partnership Arguments and Leasing Headaches with Aaron Griffiths from Onsite Law

Have you ever heard the saying, “the only ships that sink are partnerships”? It seems that partnerships, either life or business, are the cause of many an argument and unfortunately many of those arguments end up with expensive legal and court battles.

Today’s guest shares his tips to avoid some of these arguments, as well as costly mistakes with leasing commercial property. He should know, Aaron Griffiths is a commercial lawyer specialising in partnerships, contracts and leasing and has dealt with hundreds of clients over his 10 plus year relationship with ‘the law’. Aaron shares his insights on:

what to do if you have a disagreement with your business partner
the sorts of things to include in partnership and joint venture agreements
how to avoid getting into a fight in the first place
the sorts of terms and conditions you can expect, and should ask for, when you lease a property for your business
and what IS the difference between a lawyer and a solicitor!

Aaron also talks about his ping pong career and shares some personal stories about his time as a road worker…