TBS108 Nic and Alex de Bonis talk Wurble

Coming up with a name for a new business or idea can be tough. Nic and Alex de Bonis thought long and hard about the name of their new app before settling on – Wurble.

“It was about the only thing we could come up with that wasn’t already registered” they said!

In any case, it’s a memorable name and is certainly an app every tradie should be checking out (and downloading… it’s free!) With backgrounds in IT and marketing, this brother and sister duo have come up with something unique for the tradie market to help:

tradies connect with other trades in their area, industry and to complement their trade
market their projects to the public
share ideas amongst their peers
and so much more
We think these guys have nailed it (pardon the pun!) and we’d love to get your feedback too.

Check out the website at www.wurble.com.au or better still, go to the app store for your device and download the app. It’s free!

TBS085 Why Tradies Should Be Using Instagram with Kym from KOG Marketing

Social media can be a bit overwhelming but as a Tradie it’s a powerful tool to help you grow your brand, your connection with customers and naturally your business.

Most of us are fairly active on Facebook but many of us are yet to really harness the power of Instagram.

In case you didn’t know, Facebook actually owns Instagram so you could be forgiven for thinking there’s not much point being on both platforms.

In reality, Facebook is becoming quite crowded with businesses and their associated marketing so it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ‘be heard’. Instagram, on the other hand, is still largely untapped by mainstream businesses and can be used very effectively to build a presence and share your ‘stuff’ with followers and customers. As it’s more of a visual medium than Facebook has become (some describe it as Facebook for pictures) Instagram really does lend itself to things like before and after shots, inspiring projects, design ideas, pics of your team members (or you!) and so much more. You can really showcase your business and by using hashtags (#) people can find your images based on a simple search.

TBS042 LinkedIn For Tradies with Adam Houlahan

Social Media. It’s a part of our lives nowadays and even more so it’s a part of doing business. Most of us are on Facebook, some of us are using Twitter, Instagram and maybe even Pinterest but what about LinkedIn?

Seen by many as the professional person’s Facebook, many tradies steer clear of LinkedIn thinking they’ll be unlikely to find any customers on there…and it’s certainly no place to post those pics of the big fish you caught on the weekend!

Rather than dodge it, LinkedIn can be a very powerful online networking and connection tool for tradies in the know. In this episode we talk to the author of ‘Secret Sauce’ Adam Houlahan about why tradies really need to take another look at LinkedIn and how to make sure your profile is up to scratch.

TBS035 How To Deal With Negative Feedback On Social Media

Social media…it’s a part of business these days. Mostly, it’s a great way to promote your business, connect with and engage your customers, share stories and generally to create a community around your tradie business. But what happens when someone who’s not happy with you or your product or service, … Read More