TBS096 Book Review: The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann

“It’s better to give than to receive”

Ever hear that line when you were growing up?

Well, this little book will bust open a few myths about giving, sales, win:win and more. It’s written in the form of a parable (which Michaela loves…not!) so it’s easy to take the lessons.

Like any good business book, there’s 5 Laws – for this title, it’s the Laws of Stratospheric Success (bit wanky but worth remembering them) and the authors do a good job of giving simple examples of how to apply the principles in your own life and business.

If you’ve ever wondered how your own generosity and abundance could actually lead to increased business, profits and cashflow while still having integrity and compassion, this book will make it clear!

TBS095 Industry Spotlight with Penny Cornah from Master Plumbers Queensland

Plumbers unite!

Ok, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but the Master Plumbers Association sure are working hard to bring plumbers together.

Why? Well, plumbing can be a complex, compliance-heavy game and without adequate support, plumbers could find themselves on the wrong side of local and state governments. Not to mention the wrong side of your customer’s cheque book!

Master Plumbers are also working hard to ensure unlicensed operators are dealt with and discouraged to ensure the tradies doing the right thing aren’t disadvantaged.

Even if you’re not a plumber, this episode has some great tips about industry associations, why you should seriously be joining if you’re not already a member and the importance of systems and procedures in your trade business.

TBS094 Are You A Pleaser? How To Tell And What To Do About It

It feels good to make others happy. They smile, you smile. All is good with the world.

But what if we told you making other people happy could be bad for your health?

Pleasing others is something we’re probably taught as kids but some of us take it a bit far. So much so that we can end up putting others first all the time and sacrificing our own happiness in the process. This can lead to burnout, resentment, poor performance and even the opposite of pleasing – aggression.

In today’s episode the guys take a look at this sneaky little habit and how to recognise your own tendencies in this area. Plus, Waz and Michaela give some tips on how to strike a better balance so everybody smiles.

TBS093 But Things Will Be Different This Time

You’ve probably heard the definition of insanity before… doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome?

Sadly, many of us actually do this without realising it and in today’s episode we take a look at a story that illustrates this point. Wazza also gets back into using his favoured analogies so order is restored!

The crux of this episode is learning to recognise the real problems in your business and your life and solving them. All too often we end up blinded by problems that aren’t really at the root of our issue and therefore we waste time and resources trying to solve something that doesn’t change our situation. At least not for the long term.

TBS092 Markup Margin And What They’ve Got To Do With Your Bank Account

Margin. GP. Markup. Gross Profit. Net Profit. Revenue. Sales.

What the heck do all these things mean and are they even different?

Unfortunately it’s a question not every business owner can answer. In fact, no many business owners can tell the difference between all these, how they relate to each other and how they all lead to one very important outcome: CASH!

We put together a quick episode to (hopefully) give you some more clarity about margin and markup in particular as they have a huge impact on how much money you make on materials and labour. Knowing the difference and how to calculate them will also help you quote jobs correctly so you don’t find yourself working for clients for free… or worse still, paying clients to work for them!

Warrick has also put together a margin/markup calculator you can use to help figure out your pricing and whether you’re on target. You’ll find it in the Tradies Business Toolkit so head on over and grab this handy tool for just $1*

TBS091 Could You Be In An Abusive Relationship?

It can be terrible to be stuck in an abusive relationship. Even mental, emotional abuse can be debilitating and paralysing. But what if there’s only one person in that relationship and the abuser and the victim are both yourself?

It’s a sad reality that many of us are in the habit of ‘kicking our own a*#e’ when we mess up. From something as simple as dropping our keys or breaking a glass to more significant events like losing money or making a poor choice about an employee or a customer. It’s an all to common practice to beat ourselves up, berating ourselves for our ‘failure’ or poor performance.

So what?

Well, if you spoke to a spouse, partner, employee or friend the way you speak to yourself, would they tolerate it? Would you expect them to?

Listen in as Waz and Michaela talk you through recognising the signs and some tips on how to break the cycle… and start being kinder to yourself and the others around you.

TBS090 Buddha, BBQs and How To Lead A Team with Wazza’s Mate Jay

It’s out. Warrick has been having an affair on Michaela. Better yet, we get Wazza’s new podcasting flame on the Tradies Business Show to spill the beans! Seriously though, Wazza and Jay are launching a new podcast called Throw Buddha On The Barbie. Putting it simply, these two clowns have … Read More

TBS082 Should You Sponsor The Local Footy Club

Seems like a simple answer – “yes”.  Wazza doesn’t agree and shares the reasons why as well as some rules you can apply to all your marketing, whether it’s the local footy club, the coasters at the surf club or your phone book listing! We’re not saying don’t sponsor the … Read More

TBS080 Waz and Michaela Talk Making It Easy To Buy Part 1

Have you ever though about how easy it is from customers to actually buy from you? In today’s episode we ask you to take a walk in your customer shoes and see what it is like. Plus we argue whether you should accept AMEX or not!