TBS139 We talk to a former dentist about what it takes to get off the tools

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What do dentists and tradies have in common?

They both get paid to use their tools…yeah, pretty lame but Google wasn’t any better for a dentist joke!

dr jesse green

Dr Jesse Green from the Savvy Dentist Podcast

In today’s episode we have a chat with a difference. Rather than interview our guest, we decided to have a 3 way conversation about getting off the tools. Dr Jesse Green is a former dentist who is now a business coach and podcaster, specifically to dental practice owners. We wanted to interview him about what he sees when working with his clients and Dr Green wanted to get our perspective on getting off the tools.

Rather than record two separate episodes, we thought we’d practice what we preach and leverage the one recording for both shows! 

This is a really good conversation about the fundamentals for any business owner, not just tradies and contractors, who wants to get off the tools and into true business ownership.

Check out Dr Jesse Green’s podcast over at the Savvy Dentist Show