TBS180 Lynette Gray talks Women In Workboots, pay equality and selling a business

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I don’t often get the opportunity to speak to authors, much less those who come from the trades and blue collar industries. Even rarer is the opportunity to interview women who’ve owned a trade business, built it from scratch, sold it for a great price, all while raising a family AND then writing and launching a book about it!

Lynette Gray is one such woman and her book, Women In Workboots, is an expose of some very inspiring women (including herself!) working in ‘non-traditional’ industries such as mining, farming and transport.

Lynette has some great stories to share about starting and building a business, pay equality, selling a business and what it takes to achieve this success. Lynette now works with businesses in the transport industry, sharing her knowledge and wisdom…have a listen and you’ll get some great tidbits as well.