TBS185 A carpenter turned online entrepreneur talks social media for tradies

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You’ve heard it all before, right? You NEED to be on social media. You NEED to go where your potential customers are hanging out. So you started a Facebook page, posted your logo and a picture of your ute and you’re done!

Maybe but not quite. While this is a tongue in cheek scenario it’s also very common and one that frustrates tradies and their business wingman alike! Social media is more complex than you might realise. Which platform should you be using? (Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn? Twitter? None? All?) What should you post? Do you boost or run campaigns? How important is content?

I have a chat to a former chippy-turned-online-entrepreneur who has mastered the use of social media, especially Facebook, in his own businesses for the past several years. He’s now created an agency to specifically help tradies, like him, to get social media to really work for them.

Positive return on investment (that is, make more money than you spend) is one of his key philosophies and my guest, Ronnie McKenzie from Five Ways Social, breaks it down into some simple do’s and don’ts as well as a bit of a DIY guide to getting it done.