TBS189 Getting a 15 times return on Facebook ads and NOT doing what you’ve always done with Nick May from Walls By Design

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’d know that social media, and Facebook especially, gets a lot of eyeballs a lot of the time!

My guest today has been on the show a number of times and Nick May from Walls by Design just keeps going from strength to strength. Last time we spoke he was getting a 12 times return on invstment from Facebook marketing. That’s now up to 15 times or more plus he’s built a business that allows him to be off the tools AND chasing other projects…like podcasting! Nick’s show, The Business Brush, specialises in uncovering what successful painting contractors are doing. Talk about a niche!

Check out this ‘where are they now’ and Real Tradie story with Nick. I think he’s got some work to do on his Australian accent though!