TBS190 How to avoid a building or renovating disaster with Amelia from Undercover Architect

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“Aaaarrgghhh! They’ve put the window in the wrong place!”

If you’ve ever built or renovated a home you might be familiar with those words…or words like them! Almost everyone has a horror story from that time they renovated the bathroom, extended the family room or built their dream home. 

Why are these stories so persistent? It would seem such a great opportunity for builders and tradespeople to do something about it!

Fortunately there are some fantastic tradespeople working for their clients but sadly, disasters continue to happen. They’re not confined to construction either. Ask anyone who’s had work done on their car, their garden or their hair (haha) and you’ll hear some less-than-positive experiences.

My guest on today’s episode quit her (very) successful career as an architect with one of Australia’s largest development and construction companies to help consumers and trades alike, avoid these negative outcomes.

Amelia Lee from Undercover Architect shares her stories of jumping in the deep end, juggling renovations with child rearing and business, what makes for successful client communication and how to keep the cows from interrupting a podcast!

On top of all that, we delve into the question of how much is enough and Amelia fills us in on the 3 reasons clients get soooo emotional about their house project (approx 16m:00sec).

So tune in, turn up and enjoy!