want to grow or improve your trade business but sick of doing it on your own?

Instead of going back to the drawing board every year, what if you could...

  • Get personalised mentoring and advice from industry experts
  • Share your ideas with other trade business owners
  • Work to a structured plan for your business
  • Be held accountable by someone outside your business
  • Learn how to measure your business performance
  • Have access to all the resources you need to simply take action

Your Mentors - Warrick Bidwell and Nicole Cox

Join the Tradies In Business "Drawing Board" and start making change today!

  • Monthly 'Drawing Board meetings' with your peers and your Drawing Board chairs - Nicole and Warrick
  • Access to Drawing-Board-only Facebook group
  • Monthly business owner 'Toolbox meetings' to answer questions and help you stay focused
  • Monthly peer accountability sessions to swap ideas, keep you on track and support your colleagues
  • Monthly 'execution block' to set aside time for getting sh*t done
  • Quarterly business planning sessions to review and reset goals and targets
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  • Is there a contract?
  • How much time do I need?
  • is there a guarantee?
  • who's this best for?

NOPE! You can cancel any time. 30 day termination.  Just $495 per month.


Being a part of the Trade Desk has been great for our business. The monthly training videos have been super informative. The ongoing support and advice from Waz and Nic have helped us with all those difficult decisions. And the quality of the engagement on the Facebook group is second to none. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, I would highly recommend being a Trade Desk member.

Taman Treweek - The Tree Amigos

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