TIB011 Using stories to get more customers with Jason Gibbs from The Chronicle

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Humans have told stories for thousands of years. We used to use them to pass along knowledge of where to find food, whether another tribe was coming to steal our potatoes and how to get more miles out of a pair of leather sandals. With the advent of technology and books our stories are more elaborate and perhaps more entertaining. We still have a love or perhaps even an addiction for a good story so why not tap into that to improve your business? We figured that who better to talk to about story telling as a way to improve your business and your relationships with customers than a journalist?! We’re joined by the sports editor of one of the largest regional newspapers in the country. Jason Gibbs also happens to be a good mate of Waz and a handy CrossFitter to boot so he’s got some unique perspectives on what makes a good story, how to get in good with your local journo and how to submit articles to your local newspaper!

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