TIB031 Real Tradie Wives With Katrina Hamilton From Bunyip Glass

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Wowee! Waz and Nic knew their ‘real tradie wives/guys’ episodes would make for some great stories but this one’s a cracker! Katrina Hamilton not only stands beside her tradie-man in their glazing business, she’s the mother to their young family, a psychology graduate AND is running her own business at the same time! This really is an episode about how to work with your partner, juggle multiple balls and do it all while maintaining a marriage and some sanity.

Business Name: Bunyip Glass

Instagram Handle: bunyip_glass

Facebook Handle: @bunyipglass

Website: www.bunyipglass.com

Business Name: Hamilton Consulting Group

Instagram Handle: hamiltonconsultinggroup

Facebook Handle: @hamiltonconsultingaustralia

Website: www.hamiltonconsultinggroup.com.au

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