TIB039 Real Tradie Guys with Justin Geange – from Qld Rail sparky to Buck the Bronco and Australia’s Got Talent this bloke has seen it ALL

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Ever wondered what it takes to don the big foam mascot suit for a footy team? Well, wonder no more because Coxie and Waz interview ‘Buck The Bronco’ otherwise known as Justin Geange. Justin’s a former Qld Rail plumber and got the gig in the big horse suit for the Brisbane Broncos more than 10 years ago! In that time he’s also been on one of Australia’s top talent shows, changed career and sadly, made an attempt on his life. Justin’s story is bigger than all that…kind of like the man himself! He now works for Mates In Construction and spreads the message of keeping an eye out for our mates when it comes to mental health and suicide. This is a funny, heartwarming, sobering and inspiring Real Tradie Guys episode with knowledge bombs and one-liners aplenty!

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