TIB050 Real Tradie Guys With James Hill From Energy Queensland

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We talk about mental health a bit here on the podcast because it’s a subject close to our hearts and it’s also a massive issue for ALL Australians. One company is taking mental health, and that of it’s employees, so seriously that they’ve got their own in-house mental health advocate and he’s our guest on today’s real tradie guy episode! James Hill not only fills the role of Mental Health Advocate for Energy Queensland but he’s also a tradie AND recently won the individual award for services to mental health in Queensland during Mental Health Week. James shares his own story (and struggle) with mental health, his experience with suicide, how he’s changed during it all and some real-world tips for anyone dealing with stress, worry or other more serious issues.

**[As always, be sure to contact Lifeline on 131114, Beyond Blue at www.beyondblue.org.au or any of the other fantastic organisations if you feel like you or someone you know could use some support.]

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