TIB209 Real Tradie Guys with Jason from Fair Fight Foundation on family, business and finding your purpose

Shortly after his daughter’s first birthday, Jason Sotiris noticed his little girl acting ill. Several visits to 4 different doctors resulted in a trip to Westmead children’s hospital where after days of testing they found she had a rare type of cancer, Langerhans Cell Hystiocytosis. The only way to deal with it, was for Jason to stand up for her, knowing she was barely able to walk. She had a 20% chance of survival. Sitting by her hospital bed he thought about what he could do to help her. Jason noticed how difficult it was to change her whilst she was connected to the iv drip and monitors. His 3yo son provided the inspiration needed when he dressed up as Batman saying he was going to rescue his sister. Jason called his childhood friend, Yusuf, and together the two tradies, over many late nights, after defeating all odds, have created something which they hope will help make the lives of sick children that little bit easier.


Instagram handle: @the_supertee_project

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