TIB267 How to go from chaos to control AND pick up $15k cash for your business!


The past couple of years has seen our fair share of chaos, both in business and in our personal lives. While we’re seeing increasing levels of government control it seems at the same time, we’re losing control of our finances, our costs, our staffing and perhaps even for some of us our mental, physical and relationship health. To keep doing what Nic and Waz love to do best… which is support tradies in business, we’ve got a couple of great ways you can turn things around for your business and lifestyle. One is the Thryv small business grant program we announced recently and the other is a new ‘challenge’ that Nic and Waz are running soon. More details inside!

Visit here to know more about the Thryv Grant: https://www.thryv.com.au/small-business-grant/

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