TIB272 When being the lead vocals and guitar isn’t the best thing for your band


We get it. You’re a cool cat. You feel good up front on the mic, thrashing out a tune on your Stratocaster and spitting flames into the microphone. It feels good for the crowd to be staring at you in admiration, lapping up your rhythm. But what if you’re actually the one holding the band back? What if things could be even better than this? Well, throw away the rock and roll imagery and come on a different journey with us. One that leads to you putting down the lead singer name badge and instead enjoying the fruits of a wildly successful trade business.

Being in a Band
Do you know what a riff is? In music, riff is a repeated sequence of notes or chords. A guitar riff is often catchy and helps give structure and character to a piece of music.

It’s the same with band members. They work well together and support each other (well, they are supposed to!) For example, if you have two vocalist in your band, if one is strong in some areas of the tonal range, then the other one is there to fill the gaps.

So it can be like that in business  – except what happens when you’re the one trying to play all the instruments, sing lead vocals, and be the roadie?

The thing about being a business owner is recognizing that you know what, maybe you’re actually just better off on keyboard. You play the keyboards off in the background where you don’t really get seen, and you’re not on the cover of all the albums but you’re actually the one that gets all the gigs. You’re the one that’s keeping the band playing well, and you’re the one that’s organizing the roadies, and keeping everything rolling along and making all the money.


Playing to your Skills
Throwback to 2 years ago, we had a great episode with David Myles, where he talks about ‘anyone can create and run a trade business’ and tradies should be thinking about their real skills. You don’t have to do it all. You can just be the person explaining to them and making decisions off the back of it.

“You don’t have to be the person who manages your team. If it’s not your strong suit you can get have somebody help you with that. Just about every part of your business can be assisted with. It doesn’t have to be you. You can let it go.”

At this point, business ownership takes many forms for many people. It’s okay to get help and assistance to do those other non-feasible tasks so that you can make the critical decisions because it’s really the only responsibility you have: to make those critical decisions.

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