TIB275 How to Beat The Big Banks and Simplify Your Financial Affairs with Dan Cannizzaro from Parpera

It might come as a surprise to learn that the big banks in Australia aren’t actually interested in your banking. Sounds like a bit of a riddle huh? Most of the banks in Australia make most of their money from lending, NOT from running business and savings accounts. This means they’re not really creating or selling banking products that serve us, especially given the advances in cloud based tech and new financial products available.

We chat to this Melbourne lad about the things the banks don’t want us to know, the opportunities available to us right now, and how to cut down the stress and headaches surrounding things like cash flow, invoicing, paying bills, tax reporting and more.

Founding Parpera

Dan Cannizzaro, founder of an exciting new platform called Parpera which means “fair wallet” in Latin, spent half his life studying and working in finance and money markets and is on a mission to make banking, and handling money, cheaper, easier and less stressful for small business owners around the world.

“The Fintech revolution hadn’t quite happened here yet. We’re about maybe three to five years behind the UK and other parts of the world and I wanted to launch a digital banking proposition without creating a bank”

Dan is very passionate about helping people. He wanted to help them really understand money better, make better decisions and have less stress in their lives—so in April of 2020, Parpera was born to address this. Parpera’s mission is to create a platform of fair, transparent products and services that help you set up, manage, and grow your business in today’s digital economy.

Serving the Underserved

There’s this bias built into the system wherein if you don’t have much money, you don’t get cared about. Access to financial advice and other services is expensive, complicated and sometimes not accessible to all. There are 2.4 million businesses in Australia and around 89% of them are micro businesses having zero to four employees; at around 66% of these have no employees, and about 250,000, or half of that, are sole traders. And it’s really hard as a bank to make money off a non-employing business, because you probably don’t have very high lending needs. And the bank’s business model is based around making money off interest loans, particularly for business banking. So their innovation and their focus is all around serving the top end of those businesses and making a large amount of money out of serving those businesses. But it means that the smaller businesses fall between the gaps. This is where Parpera fills the gap in the market.

Dan is making the Parpera app available for an exclusive 90 day free trial to TIB listeners. Just download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and use code 90DFTRADIE to get your free trial and stop bowing down to the big banks today!

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