TIB279 Change Ahead! How To Deal With The Economic Uncertainty You’re Faced With


Many songs have been penned about change. From David Bowie to Peter, Paul and Mary (ok, Waz is showing his age here) and many more. Fortunately, Waz does NOT sing a song about change today but what he and Coxie DO cover is how you can not only set your business up for the changes that may be coming (interest rate rise anyone?), but to thrive in what could be a tougher climate these next couple of years.

Being informed means being prepared

As part of planning, it’s actually worth it to be informed about what might be coming around the corner. It’s about looking ahead, scanning the horizon and thinking about the possibilities of what to come. Even now, we’re seeing some businesses that have gotten a little comfortable with how things have been, not preparing for the change that might have potential negative impact on their businesses.

“Businesses that plan well actually flourished throughout more challenging times”

Try having a look at what is potentially happening; listen to some trusted experts; and put in some concrete plans for you, your family, and your business. The sooner you prepare, the easier it will be to glide over or get around those potholes, rather than falling straight into them.


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