TIB281 Tips On How To Get Tipped In Your Trade Business

Tipping. It’s not very Australian.

You might be surprised to learn that quite a number of our Tradiepreneur clients actually get tipped by their customers! And we’re not talking $10 on a $5000 job. We’ve heard of $300 tips on a thousand $ job! The good news is it’s not that hard to create a situation like this for your own business and Nic and Waz share some inside info from the Tradiepreneur community on just how to do it.

One way of getting tipped in your trade business is putting up a fantastic sales process.

Having a Sales Process

A Sales Process is how you move a client from first contact to the completion of the job. But this alone wouldn’t get you very many clients nor is likely to get you tipped. What you need to do is build a robust sales process that allows time for clients to get to know who you are and how you service them. You finish the job and they feel special. So special that they will think to themselves “they gave us even more then we actually need from them”

Once it’s set, it kind of takes care of itself, nurturing your clients.


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