Who is tradies in business?

Warrick ‘Waz’ Bidwell…


began his career as a labourer to his father in their building business (well, it wasn’t a true business… his dad was self-employed and never got off the tools) and while he wanted to continue on and ‘get his ticket’ in building, auto mechanical or as a professional race car driver, Warrick chose university and a business degree and accounting qualification instead. In the words of his dad, “if you go on the tools you’ll end up broke and physically ruined the rest of your life”.

Fast forward 20+ years and Warrick has owned and run several businesses including a financial planning firm, accounting practice and for the past 12 years a business coaching and mentoring operation. Since 2014 Warrick has worked exclusively with ‘tradies’ to help them avoid the fate of his father and to inspire them to create true businesses that provide a solid income, time flexibility and choice.

Waz is passionate about changing the way ‘tradies’ are perceived and treated in Australia and is also determined to shift attitudes toward mental and physical health and the role these elements play in quality of life for tradies and their families.

He’s dad to Grace – an 8 year old nature-girl who still laughs at his jokes, husband to Amie – his partner-in-adventure and love of his life and Tradie Wingman to trade based business owners right around the country. With a sharp wit and a double-bodyweight back squat,  Waz is out to change the world… one tradie at a time.

Nicole Cox…

(or Coxie as Warrick likes to call her) is the daughter of a plasterer and quite literally, The Builder’s Wife.

With early experience in both the plastering business and her own building company, Nic has a long history in the construction industry.

After watching both her Father and Husband caught in the gut busting cycle of working in their business, she went on a quest to find a better way. Nic has been working with tradies to help get them off the tools since 2014, something both her and her husband have a great passion for, after all who goes into business to stay on the tools!!

Having owned 4 small businesses herself, including a construction company and managed several others, Nic is passionate about improving the lives of business owners and encouraging both personal and business growth. She has a strong position on mental health and assisting tradies and their partners and families avoid the typical pitfalls that contribute to the downturn in health and family relationships.

A ‘life coach’ to her combined family of 5 kids all in their adult and early teenage years, Nicole has experience in many of life’s challenges and is still smiling! Social media lover and blogger extraordinaire, Nic is excited to help you get off the tools and into real business ownership.

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