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Warrick Bidwell and Nicole Cox (or Waz and Nic) have been working with trade business owners for more than 10 years… supporting them to implement the necessary steps to get ‘off the tools’ and into true business ownership.

More importantly, Waz and Nic both come from trade backgrounds themselves so they have real-world experience in the frustrations, challenges, opportunities and stuff-ups that are the reality of what life is like for #tradiesinbusiness!

Here, at Tradies In Business HQ you’ll find a wealth of resources to inspire, educate and support you to create your own version of getting off the tools and into your own business… the one you probably started to give flexibility, freedom, finances, family time, fun…

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Me (that's YOU!)

Why do some people seem to be more successful than others?

A fish rots from the head

Great teams (and businesses) have strong leaders with a clear vision, solid plan, great ‘success habits’ and a focus on discipline, contribution and growth.

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What's the secret to steady cashflow and sustainable profitability?

The fuel for your business

The #1 killer of businesses is not lack of customers, revenues or profits but lack of cashflow. It’s simpler than you think to create a steady flow of dollars into your bank account!

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How do you create enquiries and get them to buy from you all without being 'salesy'?

Marketing and Sales

By understanding your potential customers’ problems, educating them about the value you add and solutions you offer and doing all this in a consistent, structured way you can create a steady flow of quality leads, customers and cashflow!

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How do you know what's working if you don't measure it?

Measure twice, cut once

The old addage applies to business as well as building! You need to measure everything in your business so you can track the impact changes have. Otherwise it’s like hammering nails in the dark.

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Systems are the holy grail, but why?

Train your team to use the tools

By creating sound processes and systems, recruiting a great team and training them to follow the system you can leverage your time and achieve your goals!

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Our ‘Why’…

With both of us being born into trade families we have ‘tradie blood’ running in our veins!

We’re very familiar with the gut-busting, money stress, relationship strain and general frustration that can be part of owning and running a trade business. Having worked with tradies in business for the past bunch of years, we’re also acutely aware of the significant opportunity for trade business owners if they get the fundamentals in place.

We are both driven to break some of the negative cycles within our industries and help you, a Tradie In Business, get off the tools and into true business ownership. Business that gives you flexibility, financial stability, family time, fun, future wealth… all the good f’s!

Here are our guiding principles and intentions for Tradies In Business and why we do what we do…

What tradies are saying…

“Nicole is the most phenomenal mentor. Her knowledge, skills, care, kindness and intense understanding of the building industry blows my mind. I couldn’t do life without her. If you want honesty, reliability and a person who will go to bat for you, Nicole is your woman!”

Kate Muldoon, Ladies With Tradies

“We have searched high and low for a Builder who was willing to work with our end goal and budget while allowing us to be as involved in the project as we wanted to be. After our Building Consultation with Adam and Nicole we both feel ready to move forward with clear direction toward our next building project.”

Justine Truman

“I’ve been following the [Tradies In Business] podcast for a couple of years and received some great insights. I decided to contact Waz and begin working 1-1 with him and so far it has been awesome. Heaps of great business fundamental work combined with custom ideas and systems to implement.
I’m excited to see where we will be in the coming months!”

Mitch Kelly, Sterling Coating

“Warrick and I got together a couple years years ago to formulate a plan to take my business from a self employed job to a proper trade business. That was 2015 and I haven’t been on the tools since!”

James Tarbuck, Paintway

“So far there has been info of basically all the stuff that I have needed and it has really helped in a massive way. For things I couldn’t found out I’ve posted and it’s been a really helpful, quick response. Thanks for all the things you guys done, keep it up.”

Jake Woolley, JW Electric Solutions

“Out of the all the different trade focussed groups I am a part of, Tradies in Business is a stand out winner in regard to content, interaction, support and positivity.  I’d recommend anyone operating a trade business (large or small) to be a part of this community, you’ll be surprised how much you can learn while supporting others.”

Jodhi McGee, Tradie Admin Solutions

Trusted Partners

It can be hard to know who’s ‘real’ in the industry. We’ve partnered with the following businesses that really do have tradies in business at heart.

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