TEACHING tradies in business HOW TO get off the tools and create the lifestyle they want

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improve your BUSINESS skills SO you can enjoy better health, wealth and relationships

We empower tradies to build healthy businesses, families and lives, and create their ideal lifestyle by understanding, implementing and mastering how to be a successful Tradie in Business…


Warrick and I got together a couple years ago to formulate a plan to take my business from a self employed job to a proper trade business. That was 2015 and I haven't been on the tools since!


Since starting with TiB I've been able to take control of my business and start making meaningful steps towards achieving my goals for growth.

Josh, Redbeard Plumbing and Gas

We have received fantastic mentoring from Nic & Waz which has helped our business grow, with our annual turnover increasing dramatically, along with further employment of staff.

Liam & Samara - Trethowan Building

In our first financial year working with TiB we increased our gross profit by 83% on the previous year thanks to the systems they helped us put in place. Plus Brendan is no longer working weekends.

Amii & Brendan, Touchwood Trees

I’ve been following the [Tradies In Business] podcast for a couple of years and received some great insights. I decided to contact Waz and begin working 1-1 with him and so far it has been awesome. Heaps of great business fundamental work combined with custom ideas and systems to implement.
I’m excited to see where we will be in the coming months!

Mitch Kelly, Sterling Coating


We have experienced first hand the pain many families go through while building a trade related business – stress, long hours, fights over money, relationship strain and the physical toll of the ʻnever ending’. We know they wonder if it will ever be different, or is this it?

Understanding the personal stress and loneliness that trying to do it alone causes tradies, we are driven to use our experience and expertise to break this cycle.

We don’t want to see any more tradies and their families suffer the way many in trade businesses do.

We don’t want any tradies to fail in their business, their families or their relationships. We don’t want to see tradies suffer burnout or mental health issues.

We do want to help tradies understand and access the power they have in their businesses.
We do want to work with tradies in business to help build their legacy and their freedom.

We do want to help tradies get off the tools and into true business ownership to progress their life and business.

We aim to directly impact the lives of 10,000 tradie business owners and their families by
fostering better skills around health, wealth and relationships. We believe a fulfilling life and a sustainable, successful business as a possibility for all Tradies in Business.

Nicole is the most phenomenal mentor. Her knowledge, skills, care, kindness and intense understanding of the building industry blows my mind. I couldn't do life without her. If you want honestry, reliability and a person who will go to bat for you, Nicole is your woman!


Since joining the tradieprenuer program we have had a fundamental change in mindset. We are business owners, not just a tradie and his wife. Waz and Nic have helped us to set goals, improve the client experience and implement strategies to ensure smooth sailing.

Ash & Beau, Beau & Co Construction

Since joining TIB, we feel we have created a more professional image within ourselves, and for our clients. We're feeling more motivated than ever to invest in our business!

Darren & Amy, Wills Built

My husband Trent and I have been enjoying being part of the facebook page that you and Nicole have started. I posted back in November about weather everyone thought sending something out to our customer about maintenance for when there tools are in little use over Christmas break was a good idea. We sent out emails,changed our radio ad and posted on facebook and we have come back to so much work. Last January we really struggled through the month. This year is a complete turn around.
So thanks to your lovely tradies on your pages we got the courage to try our ideas.

Kellie Looney

The size of the landscaping jobs we are winning have tripled on monetary value and our forecasted cash flow is much greater than this time last year. We 100% would not be in this position without all of the business advice from Tradies In Business

Luke & Renata, Devo Designs

So far there has been info of basically all the stuff that I have needed and it has really helped in a massive way. For things I couldn’t found out I’ve posted and it’s been a really helpful, quick response. Thanks for all the things you guys done, keep it up.

Jake Woolley, JW Electric Solutions