How To Use Social Media As A Tradie

Social media has become an essential tool for our businesses, and yet we are asked often in the Facebook group, how tradies like you, should be using social media. Advertising is not like it used to be, our clients have become very savvy in knowing what to look for, and time and time again it is shown that direct marketing just doesn't work for anyone but the big players. So

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Paying less tax could hurt your business

It's enough to strike fear into the heart of business owners everywhere. That dreaded time of year when the accountant calls to say it's time to prepare your financials and close off the books at June 30! Often, this leads to a scramble leading up to the end of financial year or EOFY (pronounced Yoffee!) to purchase small assets, contribute to super and a raft of other strategies to increase

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Staff Training – Why You Need To Invest

If I had a dollar for every tradie who told me they don't need to send their staff off to training, I'd be wealthy and if they listened to my advice, they'd be less poor! One of the biggest business expenses is staff, so if you hire a team member and their good, you want to keep them right? And if their skills are not so great but attitude is

Should You Be Marketing To Your Email List?

In this age of email, you should have an email address for each of your previous customers. Hopefully, you have them all sitting nicely inside a polished CRM (Customer Relationship Mangement tool) or if you're like most of the tradies we know, they'll be knocking around on a sheet of paper somewhere, or in your inbox on your computer. Either way, this list is your little piece of work finding

Getting To Know Nicole

You all know my face, but do you know much about me and what qualifies me to be part of the dynamic duo?? Grab a coffee/wine/beer and let me tell you all about me! My life in construction began before I was born, really. My Dad is a plasterer, (also former brickie) and right from when I was in my Mother's tummy I would head to site most weekends. My

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5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Cash Flow Right Now!

When talking with Tradies, the most common complaint we hear is about cash flow or the lack of. While it is common, it is really easy to spend an hour on some of the below examples and get back to work. While you're at it though, why not put some time aside to do this on a weekly basis, as with all the suggestions below, if done regularly, cash flow

Find Work And Other Tradies With Social Media – Guest Post From Goodwork

Way back social media started as a way to get in touch with old mates or keep up with the latest gossip in the family. That’s not all it’s good for, though. It’s also a great way to build your network and keep up with the latest news from other tradies and the industry. There are two main ways to make social media work for you. Firstly, it helps get

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Online Tools For Trade Business

I am slowly learning to use my phone to its full capacity, it might be a Nokia from 1998, but I’m learning slowly. JOKES! My mobile phone has become one of my most used business tools, as it is so handy to use and I’ve always got it with me. Part of using it for my business has been learning about the apps that can best help my trade business.

Networking Tips For Tradies

Do you hate networking as much as I do? Truly as often as I do it, I find nothing more intimidating than walking into a room full of strangers ready to network. Yet it really is one of the most powerful business tools to master. Read on for 7 Networking tips to help you be effective with this awesome tool. Smile! My very first tip is to smile, even though

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