Transform Your Biz with The Cashflow Challenge

So, you’re great at your trade – but not so great at managing your business’s cashflow? The Tradies in Business team gets it. Truly. As her husband’s rock & support, years ago Nic took on the management of his business and realised the importance of setting up an effective cashflow … Read More

How Not To “Go It Alone” In Your Trade Business

Starting out in business has most of us full of enthusiasm and excited for the journey ahead, however, it can be a lonely journey, especially in the trades where we tend to run into a lot of scarcity mindset. What if I told you, you didn’t need to go it … Read More

Marketing Essentials

Marketing can be a very effective way to find clients whether it is by word of mouth or finding you through a targeted campaign, your business is directly or indirectly marketing all the time. Marketing Essentials 1. Uniforms The holy grail of constant advertising, uniforms. I for one, and I … Read More

Productivity Tips For Working From Home

Productivity Tips

It is a strange world this Covid-19 world that we find ourselves in, and for many of us, it means working from home in ways we haven’t before. Not to mention the pressure of the kids being home from school!! So having been a work from home Mother to 5 … Read More

11 Books Every Business Owner Should Read

11 Books Every Business Owner Should Read

Most business owners read books to learn new strategies, to become a better leader, and a better person. Here are the top 11 books we believe every business owner should read.  1. The One ThingThe One Thing is a non-fiction, self-help book written by authors and real estate entrepreneurs, Gary … Read More

First-quarter is done, how are you tracking with your goals?

The first quarter is done! How are you tracking your goals?  How many of your short-term goals have you achieved? And how are you progressing on your long-term goals? We understand that it is so easy to get side-tracked when faced with the long list of to-do’s to achieve your … Read More