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Should You Be Marketing To Your Email List?

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In this age of email, you should have an email address for each of your previous customers. Hopefully, you have them all sitting nicely inside a polished CRM (Customer Relationship Mangement tool) or if you're like most of the tradies we know, they'll be knocking around on a sheet of paper somewhere, or in your

5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Cash Flow Right Now!

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When talking with Tradies, the most common complaint we hear is about cash flow or the lack of. While it is common, it is really easy to spend an hour on some of the below examples and get back to work. While you're at it though, why not put some time aside to do this

TIB026 The art of budgeting with Anthea from Bright Spenders

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Ok so I (Nic) might roll my eyes at the thought of talking about cash flow and budgeting again, but holy wow, Anthea Falkiner from Bright Spenders certainly changed my mind. This episode is jam-packed with simple actionable tips and insights into taking control of your money. If you want to understand the power of

TIB022 Single Touch Payroll Will Be Compulsory in 2019. Easy Payslip solves the problem.

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  All good Australian stories start in the pub, and the journey for Paul Sharpe from Easy Payslip started with a great story involving some mates and a few beers. Come join us as we talk about schooners, spreadsheets and payslips AND solving your payroll headaches with a single touch!

TIB020 How to Bulletproof your cash payments with Cameron Marsden

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One of the biggest stress causes for tradies in business is cash flow. Closely tied to that is trying to get paid by people who owe you money! Today's episode shows you how to literally bulletproof your business! We cover PPSR, how it applies (and doesn't), the importance of t's and c's as well as

All Your Customers Are Price Shoppers

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All your customers are price shoppers Yep. All of them. All they want is the cheapest price. It’s true! Except there’s a catch and it’s the same thing that’s an opportunity for you, the business owner. While everyone wants the cheapest price, it’s only one of potentially a number of considerations when making a purchase.

TIB007 Making Super Super! with Anne from BUSSQ

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 Super (or superannuation) can be a bit of a dry topic. Today's guest on the podcast will change all that and share some important insights into why you should be thinking about super, even if you're not planning your retirement! BUSSQ offer some awesome extra services for people in the trades and want you

TBS197 How to get clients to pay you with James from Bill Chaser

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What's worse than cold calling? Fingernails on a blackboard? Shutting your finger in the car door? Calling to chase debtors perhaps? It's certainly up there on the list of things business owners dislike doing but it's sadly one of the necessary parts of running a business. From time to time you'll have customers who just

How to niche your trade business

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Today we discuss the benefits of niching your trade business, when to know its time and how to know which niche you should tackle.  (Related: 5 Things CrossFit taught me about business ownership) Want a copy of the niche worksheet that can be found in Tradies Business Toolkit? Join now to get instant access.  Stay up to date

Should you charge credit card fees?

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Today we tackle the age old question of on charging those merchant credit cards fees. This episode is proudly supported bridge app for tradies.   New Bridge App feature - Accept payment via Credit Card without any fees! Payments up to $5000. No set up fees. For a limited time Bridge are covering all transaction