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My Number One Time Saving Tip For Your Business

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  I know the juggle, you’ve worked all day on the tools, you are tired and yet there is a mountain of work to do again when you get back to your office. There is the paperwork to sort, quotes to do, materials to order, stress, pressure and more stress! Quoting is the number one

TBS197 How to get clients to pay you with James from Bill Chaser

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What's worse than cold calling? Fingernails on a blackboard? Shutting your finger in the car door? Calling to chase debtors perhaps? It's certainly up there on the list of things business owners dislike doing but it's sadly one of the necessary parts of running a business. From time to time you'll have customers who just

Should you charge credit card fees?

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Today we tackle the age old question of on charging those merchant credit cards fees. This episode is proudly supported bridge app for tradies.   New Bridge App feature - Accept payment via Credit Card without any fees! Payments up to $5000. No set up fees. For a limited time Bridge are covering all transaction

5 mistakes to avoid when growing your trade business

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  Today's Episode features Michael Garrone from Business Depot who shares his tips for a sustainable  and fast growing trade business.  It’s exciting. Sexy. Fulfilling. Nerve wracking. Growing your business is one of the most talked about, strategised over, strived for and perhaps misunderstood topics around! It’s been said that any fool can make money but it

What Is An Organisation Chart And Why You Need One

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  Post by Warrick Bidwell In the almost 10 years I’ve been personally working with small business owners, I can count on one hand the number of these that have had an ‘org chart’ when I’ve first met with them.  Of the rest, it’s only another handful who even know what one is. So, if

How to chase slow payers

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There is nothing alarmist about good business practice and effective loss prevention It may seem we often harp on about chasing up slow payers but the reality is, “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile” really applies in business. And it’s a chain reaction. Once a customer fails to pay a large invoice, then