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TIB044 BUILDER SPECIAL Part 2 – How to turn mere prices into paying clients

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In the second of our three-part series focused on the builders, Nic and Waz look at some more simple (but not easy) changes that you can make to avoid some of the headaches with finding and converting quotes into paying jobs. With many hours spent quoting and adjusting quotes and trying to win clients, only

Should You Be Marketing To Your Email List?

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In this age of email, you should have an email address for each of your previous customers. Hopefully, you have them all sitting nicely inside a polished CRM (Customer Relationship Mangement tool) or if you're like most of the tradies we know, they'll be knocking around on a sheet of paper somewhere, or in your

21 Ways To Get More Business

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On a daily basis, we are asked here at TIB HQ how to get more business for our tradies. While there is no simple rule that works for all, the key is to be consistent with your work finding. Your business should always be actively seeking work in all ways, for we never know when

TIB023 She Wears Workwear By The Saw Horse

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  This is the episode in which Waz makes a great sweeping statement about posing in a pair of pink boots on the work site!! We are talking with Stacey from She Wear about PPE for women and why it became a focus and then a business for her. Business Name: she wear Instagram Handle:

TIB021 Ryan Wilson Talks Tradies Giving Back And Helping Those In Need

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    Ryan Wilson from Free Trade Day shares his emotional story of how he came to create 'Free Trade Day' that over the 3 years it's been running, has gone from a viral Facebook post to something quite spectacular! Want to be in the business of kindness and give back this year? Drop by

The trouble with customers

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Customers, or clients, can be a real pain. Getting paid, or at the very least getting paid on time, mismatched customer expectations, quality disputes, poor customer reviews, payment retentions, bad mouthing and all manner of headaches can befall business owners in their day to day dealings with clients. It’s easy to blame customers for not

Dogs and divorce: 3 lessons I learned from both

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I miss my dog. Cooper was always, always happy to see me come home. Actually, he wasn’t just happy, he was excited. Barking, jumping, running around like he hadn’t seen me for months. Sometimes I ignored him. I was tired. Stressed. Distracted. I’d even shout at him to stop barking (oh the irony!) because it

Narrow Niches Mean Nice Numbers

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You've heard the saying right? 'By being all things to all people you're in danger of being nothing to nobody'? What's this really all about though and what's it got to do with being narrow minded? Let's consider two rivers - The Colorado River in the United States and The Murray River in Australia. The

3 Ways To Add Value And Stop Discounting

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[embedplusvideo height="315" width="560" editlink="http://bit.ly/1xZLV3Q" standard="http://www.youtube.com/v/N8HcNxky0hY?fs=1&vq=hd720" vars="ytid=N8HcNxky0hY&width=560&height=315&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=1&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=" id="ep6202" /] What if you could stop discounting your price and instead increase the value you offer to get more customers buying from you?  Here's 3 simple ways you can increase the value customers perceive in your product or service and get more of them buying from you. These three