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Real Tradiewives Podcast with Nicole Cox

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So often we focus on the Tradie as they are doing the work and yet the partners, wives and supporters are often the backbone of trade business. Join Warrick this week as he turns the microphone on Nicole and interviews her about her life as a tradie wife. Nicole shared her top tips for creating

How To Get Your Partner To Listen To You….

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I stopped short of titling this post, how to get your husband to listen to you because I am sure it is a problem in all business partnerships regardless of relationship status, but my motivation for this post comes from my own experience as a Builder’s wife. Working with your significant other certainly increases the

TIB021 Ryan Wilson Talks Tradies Giving Back And Helping Those In Need

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    Ryan Wilson from Free Trade Day shares his emotional story of how he came to create 'Free Trade Day' that over the 3 years it's been running, has gone from a viral Facebook post to something quite spectacular! Want to be in the business of kindness and give back this year? Drop by

TIB019 Why a 29 yo French woman is walking the 1000km Bibbulmun Track Solo

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**Trigger Warning: Mental Health discussion.** Occasionally you have the opportunity to meet amazing people doing amazing things. Our interview with Sophie Aubry will have you reflecting over your own life thinking about how you can do better and be kinder. Sophie is about to head out to walk 1000km solo along the W.A. coast! You'll

TBS199 A quick one – Is marlin or mullet best for you?

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I reckon there's more fishing analogies used for business than any other. So here's another one! But before I go into today's thoughts... I want to let you know about the Tradies In Business Facebook group. It's where all the cool tradies (and their partners, colleagues, team and supporters) are hanging out, getting questions answered,

TBS198 Unlocking the secret to more word of mouth with Robert Gerrish author of The 1 Minute Commute

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If you're like most tradies, you probably get a lot of your business from word of mouth. Here's a question for you though...what the heck is that, exactly? Is it spontaneous referrals? Raving fans out doing your selling for you? Accidental tip-offs? Even more importantly, if you're going to be a responsible, proactive trade business

TBS196 Daniel Simone talks building a family, a life, a business and a home

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In today's episode I chat with Daniel Simone of Simone Homes AND his new podcast, The Build. Daniel is a builder, a businessman, an employer, a husband and a father. He's seen some ups and downs and through it all he's learned that his head plays a massive part in the results he sees in

TBS195 How to find good subbies and contractors with Keith from Conx Jobs

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An Australian and an Irishman walk into a bar... only in this case, the bar is actually a Skype chat and it's today's episode of the Tradies Business Show ;) I have a great chat with Keith Moore, one of the founders of Conx Jobs. Keith was an Irish immigrant to Australia and while on