TIB044 BUILDER SPECIAL Part 2 – How to turn mere prices into paying clients

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In the second of our three-part series focused on the builders, Nic and Waz look at some more simple (but not easy) changes that you can make to avoid some of the headaches with finding and converting quotes into paying jobs. With many hours spent quoting and adjusting quotes and trying to win clients, only

21 Ways To Get More Business

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On a daily basis, we are asked here at TIB HQ how to get more business for our tradies. While there is no simple rule that works for all, the key is to be consistent with your work finding. Your business should always be actively seeking work in all ways, for we never know when

TBS199 A quick one – Is marlin or mullet best for you?

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I reckon there's more fishing analogies used for business than any other. So here's another one! But before I go into today's thoughts... I want to let you know about the Tradies In Business Facebook group. It's where all the cool tradies (and their partners, colleagues, team and supporters) are hanging out, getting questions answered,

TBS186 Price vs Value and Miracle Sandbags with Andre John

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Here's a riddle for you - do customers want the cheapest price, the best quality, the fastest delivery or the best experience? The answer is easy. They want it all!

[Greatest Hits] Using your body to win more quotes with Allan Pease

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We all know how important it is to be a great communicator. But when it comes to what makes a great communicator some of us are perhaps a little in the dark... In today's episode, we speak to body language expert and author, Allan Pease, about: the difference between verbal and non-verbal communication the messages

How to take your proposals online and convert more sales

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  Gone are the days of hand writing quotes onto carbon copy paper and mailing them to your prospects. Well, the should be gone! Incredibly, many tradies are still using handwritten quotes and hard copy proposals to win work. We love a good comb bound proposal too but there are some amazingly efficient... and effective

TBS148 How marketing automation could increase your conversion by 85 percent

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Marketing can be time consuming and labour intensive but it doesn't need to be. With the advent of cloud based marketing automation platforms like MailChimp, Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign to name a few, it's entirely possible to send personalised, tracked emails and marketing campaigns to your prospects PLUS stay in touch with your clients and share valuable information with them. All without leaving the comfort of your racing-car-office-chair!

TBS144 Why Advertise on Facebook?

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In less than 15 years Facebook has gone from a college campus social club to a global database connecting billions of people.  Like it or hate it, there's a fair chance at least a few of those people are your potential customers!Like any marketing strategy, you need to go where your customers (or future customers)