TBS012: How To Get Your Website Found On Google with Jim Stewart

There’s a saying that ‘you are who Google says you are’ and that’s certainly true for your business. If you’re not on the front page for search results then you’re pretty much nowhere with more than 80% of people selecting from these ‘page 1’ listings. In this episode we talk to Jim Stewart from Stewart Media about some simple things you can do to help your SEO (search engine optimisation) efforts and Google search rankings. We also debunk some SEO myths and give specific tips to help you.

Why Reading Books Could Be Bad For Your Business

It’s a commonly taught principle that  ‘the more you learn, the more you earn’. It’s true isn’t it? The more you know about sales, budgeting, negotiations, marketing and so on the more money you can make in business right? Well, maybe. At your fingertips, you currently have access to over … Read More