TBS096 Book Review: The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann

“It’s better to give than to receive”

Ever hear that line when you were growing up?

Well, this little book will bust open a few myths about giving, sales, win:win and more. It’s written in the form of a parable (which Michaela loves…not!) so it’s easy to take the lessons.

Like any good business book, there’s 5 Laws – for this title, it’s the Laws of Stratospheric Success (bit wanky but worth remembering them) and the authors do a good job of giving simple examples of how to apply the principles in your own life and business.

If you’ve ever wondered how your own generosity and abundance could actually lead to increased business, profits and cashflow while still having integrity and compassion, this book will make it clear!

TBS078 A Private School Says NO To Tradies At Their Careers Expo And We Want To Know Why

We couldn’t believe it either, but it’s true!

A Queensland private school surveyed it’s students to find out what industries and professions they wanted represented at their careers expo recently and there was some strong feedback from the students that they didn’t want any trades represented. While we haven’t been in contact with the school to find out why, we did discuss this issue in today’s episode and wonder what our industry bodies are doing to ensure they have representation at careers expos.

TBS045 How To Get More Leads with David Vitek from HiPages

Leads. Enquiries. Quotes. Calls. Prospects.

Let’s face it, you can’t have too many. Even if you have plenty, it’d be great to have better quality prospects. The best business systems, pricing, team and service in the world is pointless if the phone just won’t ring!

So, apart from the usual suspects to market your trade business like websites, social media, networking, direct mail, email marketing and so on, what’s a simple (and quick) way to get the phone ringing and the email dinging?


Now before you go off on a rant about some of the negative experiences you’ve heard about HiPages (formerly Home Improvement Pages) and other, similar services, have a listen to the co-founder David Vitek. He ‘gets it’ when it comes to tradies in business and they’ve just allocated their millionth customer job…that’s right, over 1 million client jobs allocated to tradies around the country, with bigger and better things to come!

Apart from talking about how HiPages can help you give your lead generation a shot in the arm, David also talks about:

his predictions for the trades and how this could be your biggest win…or something else
why quoting will be a thing of the past
what customers tell him they really want from tradies
the number 1 rule for running a great trade business, and
stats on the number of homes in Australia and why the trades are in a position to cash in