TIB056 What Cause Marketing Has To Do With Starting Your Own Wine Label and Trade Business Success

TIB056 Cause Marketing
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Lots of businesses are talking about ’cause marketing’ and how it can change the way you represent yourself to your target audience. Ok, that’s the fluffy definition out of the way…cause marketing is really about getting your brand out there by doing good stuff for communities, not-for-profits and the like. It’s a good old fashioned win-win scenario. Not only have today’s guests built a very successful business via cause marketing, they’ve written a book about it! Not just any book, a ‘Business Audio Theatre’ production with real actors and sound effects. Keep an ear out for some of the clips in the episode and head to the website to grab your free chapter from one of America’s biggest wine label creators.

Website: http://thebarefootspirit.com/
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/barefoot_spirit
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebarefootspirit/
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