TBS199 A quick one – Is marlin or mullet best for you?

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I reckon there’s more fishing analogies used for business than any other.

So here’s another one!

But before I go into today’s thoughts… I want to let you know about the Tradies In Business Facebook group.

It’s where all the cool tradies (and their partners, colleagues, team and supporters) are hanging out, getting questions answered, finding out about cool tech and supporting each other to create and grow true trade businesses. Head on over and join in the conversation.

I’m in there every day along with my great friend and associate, Nicole Cox, The Builder’s Wife. Together we plan to make this the biggest and best group of tradies online in Australia and New Zealand so tell your mates and let’s develop a real voice for trade business owners.

Now, about marlin and mullet… have you ever found yourself chasing the big deal? The big customer, alliance, job and so on? It can be exciting, rewarding, thrilling… and it can also be costly, exhausting and disappointing.

Contrast that with the fairly boring and uninteresting approach of dealing with many smaller customers. Less-notable builders or alliances and smaller average invoice amounts.

Chasing marlin (both metaphorically and literally) can be very exciting. And rewarding. But too many of us think the ‘next big fish’ will feed us and our families for a long time.

The reality is often quite different and in this episode I talk about how fishing for mullet could actually be a whole lot better for you in the long run. I meant metaphorically. You get the idea…