TIB032 How to make your video go viral with Jonathan Creek from Virable

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As a kid, Jonathan was fascinated with radio and television. He started out his career at the age of 12, selling air time for advertisements to his mates’ lemonade stands in their street! Since then he’s spent more than 15 years in television and journalism and now, Johnathan shares his insights with business owners on how to create great stories, videos and how to make them go viral. If you’ve thought at all about using video for your business (and you should be!) or you’re currently using this medium to communicate with customers (and you should be!) then THIS is an episode you don’t want to scroll past.

Business Name: Virable

Course: www.spreadfactor.com.au

Instagram Handle: @thecreeky

Facebook Handle: fb.com/jonathancreek

Website: www.JonathanCreek.co




The journey. The formula. Unlocking the code to engineering

viral videos – an interactive audience experience that covers

the thinking, motivation and findings of more than 5 years of research into one of the remaining mysteries of the modern world – Viral videos, What makes them spread?


Jonathan is TEDx speaker, award winning investigative journalist, highly respected brand storyteller and Guerrilla marketer who has influenced and inspired key people from major global brands (2XU, Sigma,HTV), as well as professional sporting codes and Educational institutions. (AFL, Netball Australia, Cycling Australia, RMIT)

After turning his attention to the dissection, research and creation of viral videos, he developed his recognised “VIRABLE ™” formula.

With an understanding that brands are the broadcasters of the future, Jonathan sought out the holy grail of social media – How to trigger and control the most powerful validation an audience can bestow on a business or brand – clicking “SHARE”.

“Cracking the code” – the art and the science behind why some stories and videos ‘spread’ became Jonathan’s passion and obsession.

With decades of storytelling and attention grabbing experience on prime time television, as well as 5 years in advertising and digital marketing and armed with an appetite for finding answers, Jonathan couldn’t resist the quest to unravel the mystery of what drives mass consumption content.

The result, a formula, full of viable marketing strategies extracted from researching more than 1200 viral success stories. And the best part…anyone can apply them.

Jonathan’s presentation empowers the audience with a real world advantage as he reverse-engineers the elements in the “VIRABLE ™” formula so that entrepreneurs, brands and influencers can apply their newfound knowledge to the new media world and immediately enjoy real results.

Jonathan’s interactive presentations and workshops are high energy, packed with passion and delivered by a professional.

Jonathan is also a Lead curriculum facilitator at RMIT University’s International business school, a Keynote speaker and soon to be published author.

He is known for helping businesses and brands to demystify the barriers around online video.  His secret formula helps empower your workforce, creating a broadcast model where everyone can contribute to creating contagious messaging that trigger people to act and help drive long term sales.


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