TIB270 Maintaining Perspective In Business and Life with Nicholas Dogulin


Have you ever wondered how certain perspectives can influence your business? In today’s episode, we had an amazing chat with our guest, Nicholas Dogulin, about maintaining perspective in our own lives and also touch on some different perspectives in marketing as well.

When Nick was a child, he recalls looking out the window of the family mansion, over the fence, to see someone so desperate for water they were siphoning it out of one of the tanks on his property. Fast forward more than 20 years and experiences like this during his time in South Africa still drive Nick Dogulin to strive for success. Not for himself, but for the 80% he aims to donate to people less fortunate than him.

How perspective can influence behaviours or attitude towards business

Nick shares how working with his team and his clients helped him grow his dream and vision of helping those underprivileged or in the gutter. This kind of perspective helped him realise that there are people who are experiencing it much worse; and sitting there and complaining won’t help him much! So instead, he tells himself to get up and work so he can help others have the same outlook.

Having focus on business performance

Being in the industry for about 10 years, Nick believes that their business’ mission is to help their clients build their own business through referrals. One referral  from every customer can literally double your business every year. So he spends his thinking time envisioning how he can maintain his relationship with his clients, grow his business, and bring this back to his management team for implementation.

The power of word of mouth and referrals

“You can tell a lot by a person through who they refer or how you refer to them and what they do.”

Nick shares that there’s a strategy or process in place for this. On way is to follow-up. Checking-in with the person you’ve referred, and the person you’ve referred them to, can give you feedback and help you build your network. You can ask them if there’s anyone else that might benefit or needs this type of service.


Listen to the full episode as Nick also shares some of his mistakes that turned into opportunities and get some marketing and business tips, straight from Nick. These tips aren’t just for new business owners, but also those who have been running their business for years.



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