TIB280 How To Outsource More So You Get To Live More Life

If you want it done properly, do it yourself. You’ve probably heard at least one business owner say that of late. Maybe that’s your mantra too?!! But how is this belief actually serving you and will you be thankful for it in your final days? Nic and Waz unpack some practical ways to overcome this thinking AND to start outsourcing simple tasks to free up more time and give you more of what you REALLY want.

Outsourcing in your trade business

It’s a great way to get some of your time back—leverage your time and make more money. You can take the time you got back and reinvest it into better things, which can get you more cash flow.

But if you think outsourcing is a great opportunity for your trade business, why do you think it’s hard?

One reason is because most business owners don’t like to let go of stuff. They usually fear that it won’t be done the way we want it done, or loosing the identity of ‘who am I if I don’t actually perform the task’, or they just need that control and it’s really hard for them to let go because in your mind ‘It’s not possible to do it for anyone to do it well’, and this can be challenging to work through.

But to make the progress that most of us wants, you need to start working it through and understand the purpose why you need to outsource. Outsourcing can happen for many different reasons for many different motivations.

“If you’re not outsourcing, you’re letting everybody else dictate to you through pressure and demand, how you’re going to celebrate or use your your business time. And if we start to outsource, we get some of that choice back.”


Give it a thought: Is that actually going to matter if you did it yourself? Is that what you’re going to be remembered for? Is that what actually determines your value as a person, as a business owner, as a community member?

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